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Goods that focus on the good in all of us. You shop. We give.

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Hi! I'm Matt! I'm just a normal guy who enjoys the outdoors and, well, doing good. I spend most of my time hiking, exploring, and traveling. I'm always up for an adventure!

I created Fortyone|12 for a couple different reasons. First, I was sick of trying to find apparel that I liked. Most of the time, I would find an over priced t-shirt that I liked, buy it, and then wonder why I would allow myself to pay so much for a shirt that then, just supports a large corporation, a brand, or another millionaire. I wanted to create a place where my taste and my style could be shared with those who share my interests, while also giving back. That brings me to the second reason.


In 2015, while visiting Haiti on a very unformal humanitarian trip, I noticed the need for sustainability in communities. I learned that it was the lack of community support and sustainability that ultimately causes poverty and even worse, human trafficking. I came home from that trip and started a non profit called Fight to THRiVE ( I have never wanted FTT to be an org that was only able to donate a small portion of it raised funds to the actual cause. I wanted to be able to give 100% of all raised funds to our projects while taking nothing for admin costs. I learned that there were many other small grassroot orgs with the same goal. So I created Fortyone|12 as a way to help fund those orgs and while also helping support the people who give up so much to give back. Thus, with every purchase, we give 50% of all proceeds straight to those small orgs to help where they feel fit. 

So when you shop, you do good!

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